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Eaton & Watson | Branding

Eaton & Watson is a campaigns and communications agency based in London. Their expertise lies in telling their clients’ stories, building communities around projects and devising and delivering integrated campaigns.


As story tellers Eaton & Watson wanted to create a brand that would help tell their own story – of a new and progressive business, driven by their confidence and knowledge as both leaders and collaborators. The colour palette, bold and simplistic logo with unique hand drawn marks and interwoven patterns embodies these characteristics, shows them to be innovators, and appeals to a range of their clients both big and small.

When we started our business we approached Alessandra to help us develop our visual identity. Alessandra ran a fantastic branding session with us and quickly presented us with several different routes, each of which we would have been very happy to use. We’re thrilled with Alessandra’s work for us and we've collaborated with her several times since as we know we can rely on her vision, commitment and professionalism.



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