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The O'Dwyer Group | Branding, Website Design

The O’Dwyer Group is an international executive recruitment firm specialising in the financial services sector with a strong emphasis on technology. As a leading company in the FinTech sector for over 20 years they felt it was time to refresh their brand and reflect the increasingly dynamic nature of the industry.


My challenge was to reinvigorate the brand to reflect The O’Dwyer Group’s confidence, energy and experience, as well as their innovative and progressive way of working and appeal to a new generation of professionals and businesses.


After founding The O’Dwyer Group nearly 20 years ago i realized that a refresh and rebranding of my firm was long overdue. I turned to Alessandra who brought her considerable skills, imagination and flair to the table. She provided not only great creativity around design and image but, just as importantly, she advised us how best to promote our brand in the market. Alessandra always presented us with a manageable range of options throughout our rebranding, always on time and within budget. I am delighted with the outcome and we plan to use Alessandra’s services for a number of further projects that are in the pipeline.



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